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Our 500th Thunderclap & its for THEM ALL!!!


It feels like so long ago when a little springer pup was born 17th June 2013…

When she was stolen at just under 5 months old we knew nothing of Animal Theft. We still were innocent to the ways of how this works….

We were so green…..

In mid 2014 a Collie went missing on the Fells. His people did him a Thunderclap.  A friend on Facebook (Lola) saw it and we decided it may be a good idea to see if we could do them. Her first one was for our stolen Pup….

With that Thunderclap we learned a few things. The biggest being they may not bring news, they may not get them found BUT THEY DO RAISE AWARENESS!!

As owners we found they helped us to. Its tangible proof folk care. I will never forget what it felt like to see Pup go over 100!!

Lola & I decided a group would be a good idea  so that none struggled to get to 100… Soon after that started we did our first Thunderclap for a dog called Marnie

Marnie Tan

She sadly is also still missing after being stolen 07/06/11 in Canterbury Kent.  She was my very first go at Thunderclaps and she went out 19/12/14 with 137 supporters and a social reach of 123,786

Facebook group: Help Find Marnie –

After her one we have still not lost that feeling that you must do your very best for each  of them. We have been entrusted by their families to help so help we will.

The  Thunderclap connected to here is our 500th and we got better at getting more support but we have the same care today as we did with Marnie’s…

Without the help you ALL give with support, shares and tweets we would never have been able to do so many and have so many go out with over 1,000 supporters.

This is as much a thank you to you all as highlighting some of the ones we have TC’d xx

Representing ALL of the Spaniels we have done TC’s for :

Our own girl. Pup stolen 16/11/13 from St Blazey area Cornwall PL24. Docked (though its a long dock) no dew claws and  chipped

Purple poster

Penny now 13 years old vanished Crigan nr Bugle Cornwall PL26 on 21/12/12 She is chipped and very loved and missed

For her time is slowly running out so please keep looking….We dread taking Penny off our list…

Doglost Link


Daisy a lovely liver and white ESS who vanished, the same day as our Pup, 16/11/13. Its made her special to us to so we have done her a few Thunderclaps to.

She is now 5 years old, she will be 6 in March. When she vanished she still had a full tail and she is chipped.

She went from the Bicester area of Oxfordshire and she is still very looked for. Please never stop looking

Doglost Link

Daisy ESS OX poster 1

Harley is a lovely very missed  liver and white boy who vanished 02/02/15 in Barncose area of Redruth Cornwall TR15 He is chipped

His Mum searches and tries so hard to find him

Harley Kass

This boy is very loved and missed. He vanished in the Cawthorne Barnsley area 05/10/13.

He was stolen and ever since his family have missed him.

Choc Quilter 2

Rafiki really is so like our Pup… Its made him very special.

He vanished in Esher Surrey 06/08/15. He is chipped and neutered and looked for every single day he has been gone.

He is out there and he just needs one person to recognise him. He has very distinctive off centre face white s please remember his face and keep looking

Raf never give up

Jack B&W male Now around 5 years old. He was taken overnight from Portreath Cornwall TR16 on 16/05/14. He had a full tail and is chipped He is also very loved and missed

Doglost Link


Ben vanished in the Stockbridge area Sheffield on 18/02/14. He was with his Dad on a walk 30 miles from home so he didn’t really know the area.

He is chipped BUT at the time he went missing his chip had moved down into his right front leg. Has anyone seen a dog like him since tha date?

Doglost Link

Ben Green

Scampi is a lovely liver and white cocker boy who really did just vanish 31/08/13.

He was from the Coleford area in Somerset BA3 but now he really could be anywhere


Bella is another stolen girl. She was taken 15/12/16 from home in Defynnog nr Brecon in Wales. She is chipped and very loved and missed


Belle ESS Wales poster

Fern is one of the ones we owe so much to! When Pup first went missing we knew about Angel so at least we knew about data bases…..When we stumbled on to Social Media Fern’s Mum (and Maisie’s Mum) gave us so much support and help!

Fern was stolen from home in the Chessington area 28/04/13

If I could walk into the ether and get you Fernie I would!!

Fern in green surround

Poppy is a beautiful girl who was stolen from the South Brent area in Devon 28/07/15. She is chipped, spayed and very loved and missed

Devon girl poster

Archie is a neutered male chipped black and white ESS. He vanished in the Congleton area Cheshire CW12 on 22/10/14. He is another very loved and missed boy . Please keep looking for him


Max is an older lad. He went out for a walk with his family 25/12/15 in the  Bishops Frome area Bromyard Herefordshire. He only wondered a small way off and he vanished

He is docked, chipped and was wearing a collar and tag…His family have not only searched ever since his Mum now helps  so many others to.

Its time Max came home!!

His family love and miss him so please keep helping

One yar

Red, with that beautiful gentle expression, vanished from home in Banks Southport PR9.

He is a chocolate sproker boy with a white chest. He is also chipped. His family really do miss him so never stop looking

Red Verena 1

Oscar is another Cornish boy. He is a lovely liver and white spaniel cross who went missing 07/02/11 from home near St Breward on Bodmin Moor. Since then he has been seen on the Moors over and over.

4 years ago there was a dog almost identical to him found wearing a red collar Sadly before Oscar’s mum could get there the dog escaped…. There is still a thought someone took Oscar in and every so often he escapes….. What is needed though are new sightings

Oscar Road

Barney we Thunderclaped recently. He went missing in an area of Cornwall that was full of visitors at the time…

He was in the Pendeen/St Just area of Cornwall Up on the Lands End Headland and he just vanished with no sightings 30/04/17

He is a support dog for one of his family so he is very needed back home. Please keep looking for this beautiful boy

Doglost Link

Barney Poster 1

Harry & Flynn are two lovely brothers who just  vanished together from their garden on November 2015. They were in the Southburgh area of Norfolk and both are chipped and neutered. They were also wearing collar and tags.

Please never stop looking for them

Harry & Flynn

Fifi is a  lovely golden Cocker girl who was stolen 20/01/17 in Yadling Kent. When she was stolen she had just been clipped but since then her coat will have grown back. Its possible someone has re-clipped her but tried to disguise her.

She is a very missed and loved girl so please keep looking

Fifi pink

Maisie, another baby we owe so much to. Her Mum gave us so much help and support when Pup was taken.

Maisie is a beautiful lemon  roan Cocker girl who was stolen with another (Tia  who turned up in Kent in 2015) on 31/12/12 from the Winchester area in Hampshire…. At that time far too many Spaniels were stolen from that area it was obviously a planned organised gang…

Her family still look… They still hope and they still hurt. Never stop looking for this beautiful girl



Sally is a black and white Sproker girl who is chipped, spayed and very missed

She vanished in the Darenth area of Kent 06/08/16. Her family really need her home so please help get her found.

Sally Sprocker

Beautiful golden cocker Copper was stolen from home in the Bramfield area 15/05/16.

She is a chipped very missed girl so please keep looking


Kass Copper 1

Lovely liver and white Archie is still looked for and missed

He is another who totally vanished. Has anyone seen him since 01/06/14? He was in the Wigtoft,  Boston Lincolnshire but he could now be anywhere

Archie poster ESS EA

Freddie has been mossing for so long now. He vanished from home in Grasmere House, High Birstwith, Harrogate area 11/09/12

He is chipped and neutered and really needs to be home

Freddie grass poster

Billy went missing on the 29th July 2015 from Chudleigh Nr. Newton Abbot South Devon TQ13.

He is a neutered  mostly white  with ginger ears and small  patches Cocker Spaniel. He is  chipped but more importantly very loved and missed.

Have you seen him or know where he is? His family are desperate for news so please keep looking out for him and get in touch if you have any info.

Billy Devon Right

We recently Thunderclapped this lovely boy..

He was out o a walk along Bissoe  Trails  Nr Truro Cornwall. Its very possible he was taken as he totally has just vanished.  His family love and miss him so much to

Basil is a chipped  liver and white  ESS boy and he is out there somewhere so please keep looking for him

Bazil ESS our poster

Sherlock triggered a desperate search and internet campaign after he ran off on Friday 21st March 2014.

The Tibetan Spaniel cross is a rescue dog from Cyprus, who went missing only 12 hours after arriving in the UK to start a new life in Yorkshire, slipping his collar when he was taken into the garden at 6.30am.

Sherlock, who is very nervous and timid, is thought to have crossed stepping stones over the River Wharfe, and was seen at about 11am on Sunday, near Carters Lane, north of the river. He was spotted again in a garden in Carters Lane at about 5pm, and was also seen in Denton.  There were also reportedsightings in Appletreewick and between Farfield Livery LS29 0RQ & Bolton Abbey on 8th April. He was then seen around the Silsden/Addingham area in May 2014.

Sherlock’s family and rescuers still long to know what happened to their boy. They hope that he was picked up by someone and is now in a loving home somewhere.  If this is the case, they would just like to know that he is safe, loved and well cared for. But it could be that Sherlock is still out there!

Twitter account – SearchingForSherlock @FindSherlock

Cocker Spaniel Lucky was travelling with his family on the Princess Seaways, DFDS Seaways ferry, but bolted from an area used to hold dogs travelling with their families shortly before she set sail from North Shields to Amsterdam 21/12/16

Lucky was frightened; efforts to catch him failed and he found his way off the ferry into the port area. He even tried to follow the Ferry but had to give up exhausted and was then seen was seen in the port area for 5 days

The last unconfirmed sighting of Lucky was in the Black Middens area on 30th December 2016.  Lucky is still being searched for …

Lucky Have you seen me

Beautiful Meg from Worksop I just wish you were already home little girl…

Vanished 24/03/16 We thunderclapped her on a quick turn hoping it would bring news….

Millie ESS poster

We did gentle older lad Max a Thunderclap when he first went missing 27/01/17 in the Llandow Industrial Estate area  Cowbridge Wales

Sam is chipped and very missed

Max ESS Wales

Representing ALL missing Bull Breeds, Mastiffs, Pugs Frenchie’s  and their  crosses   :

Dee a female cream Staffy cross Stolen 26/01/14 from Middleton area Manchester M24. Chipped and very missed

She has had a few sightings, one in the Heywood area actually was confirmed as her. That was in 2015 and we need new sightings so badly for her now


Tinks has been missing since  01/07/12  She is a beautiful Staffy cross and is chipped and still looked for by her people who miss her very much. She completely vanished in the Barling, Essex area and when we were asked to do her a TC it was an honour….

I wish you were home lovely baby.

Tinks new

We love this boy you know.  We done him a few Thunderclaps so far.  Him and Dee in this section became very very special.

He is an Ex Rescue boy who had just found love and his real home when he vanished from Slough area on 15/08/13. He is very easy to spot as he has very distinctive black with white patches and a black spot on his head.  He is also chipped yet he is still missing

Dozer for TC

So many loved and missed animals are out there..

This beautiful boy iss Ollie who vanished 21/02/16 in the Woodlands area of Doncaster. He is a chipped boy who had just come into Rescue to start a new and better life….

Please keep looking

Ollie One Year too Long

Bella is a little Staffy girl who  just disappeared in the Ipswitch area IP12 13/09/16. She is chipped and still very missed

Bella Staffy DL

Jules was stolen from the Forsest Hill area of London SE23 on 18/08/16

She was taken along with 3 other dogs from a dog walkers van. Sadly despite being chipped she is still not home


Freddie a brown male neutered chipped ex Rescue boy. He vanished in Rugby CV22 area on 21/05/16. He is a very missed boy

Freddie is ex Rescue and had just found his forever home. His life was set for a lovely future with kindness, care and love  but instead….

Please never stop looking

New freddie

Murphy is so distinctive, his right ear is crumpled. How ever much he could have changed his ear will still be damaged.

He is a  cream Bullmastiff boy who totally vanished from Elmesthorpe, Leicestershire area in November 2011.

He is still missed and still looked for.  He is going to be 10 soon… For him as with to many others time is slow;y running out.

Murpht tan

Lovely Prinny who was stolen 16/04/17 on  Union road Oswaldtwistl, Accrington in the North West.

She is still sadly not home. She is a lovely marked black and white girl and is chipped and very missed

Prinny needs to get

One from the early days and actually our 3rd Thunderclap…

Boss a lovely black and white boy who vanished in Pitfield Street Hoxton London N1 30/12/13

He had a lovely nature and loved people but still isn’t home

Boss repaored

Boris was still under a year old when he went missing in the Newton Heath area of Manchester M40 on 20/05/16.

He escaped through a gate and vanished. He is chipped and still very looked for. Please keep helping him

Boris Jans

Who could forget lovely Smiley Lola?

Lola was Stolen during an assault on her owner in  London E14 on 24/12/16

She is yet another chipped baby who is very very missed

Lola Staffy my red


Lovely kind Buster went missing, and probably taken, 03/06/16 in the Alvaston, Derby DE24 area.

He is a blue Staffy boy with white markings. He is chipped, has a large reward but most all a family who really miss him.

15073481_10207692175723477_7773063072647381113_n (1)

Scruncher Bulldog was stolen in Windsor 16/01/14.

He is a neutered tan and white boy who is chipped. He also has some very distinctive markings

Please keep looking for this very loved boy. His family have searched and hurt every day since he was taken

Scruncher own

Heath is a Staffy cross Sharpei.  He is white with some black spots on ears and muzzle

He was stolen from Bancyfelin area, Carmarthenshire Wales on 26/06/17

He is chipped and very missed so please help him be found

Heath poster

Representing  ALL the Cats we have Thunderclapped

Our first Cat Thunderclap was for Loki a lovely Bengal boy who was our 5th Thunderclap

Loki has been missing since 15/09/14 and his family have heard nothing real about him at all. He is a Bengal with the typical leopard spots and he is so loved and missed.

He is both neutered and chipped and just needs to be found and returned home. Please help him

Loki cat

Clooney who vanished totally on 06/06/13 from Hemblington, near Norwich area. He is both neutered and chipped and very, very missed

Clooney your a very missed boy. If we could just walk in to the ether for you we would

Clooney is this it

Beautiful black with white markings Daisy Cat Shaw.  She went missing in the Hull area HU9 on 03/08/14. Her loss has broken her mums heart but a bit like Pup and us its also made her Mum help so many others…. Small consolation to the hurt the loss brings

Daisy Cat poster

We did a Thunderclap for lovely Beautiful Sid… She we know is still missing and she was our  13th TC…. She is a Bengal female who vanished completely on 12/10/14 in the Chadwell Heath Romford RM6 Essex. Her family still hope she will get home and we promised to re TC her to soon


Suzie we Thunderclapped in January 2015. She is a British Short Hair and a Silver tabby who is also chipped.  She vanished  from home in Lumberton Northamptonshire on 07/11/13 Her family still miss her and keep her in their hearts

Suzie's Donna

Recently we put a TC in for beautiful Aura. She is a very loved Seal Point Siamese girl who is chipped and spayed and went missing on 10/06/17  in Knightswood, Glasgow Scotland  G13 She is 12 years old and still has no sightings sadly

Aura grey

Again more recently we TC’d Bonnie who is a very loved and missed DSH cat. She went missing 22/04/17 in the Ashton-Under-Lyne area  Tameside, Greater Manchester OL6

She is a very missed girl

Bonnie cat

Noggy, went missing 13/08/16 in the Mount Pleasant  area of Liverpool L3. She had only just moved to the area and she is a very loved and missed chipped gorl

Noggy Cat

Freddie is a lovely neutered ginger boy who helps his mum survive her day. She is not too well and him being missing is really hurting her now.

He is a ginger with white markings and he is mute.

He vanished 15/06/15 from the Stonehill area of Street  near Bath BA16.

Freddie Dee blue

This little one is a female black girl with white on her nose, chin, chest, tummy and paws. Se went missing in Cuffley in Hertfordshire  on 08/11/15.

She is spayed and chipped. She is also very loved and missed


This lovely girl was one we Thunderclaped before we knew her name. She was lost in the Barnsley area so long ago.

Saffron is a beautiful Bengal cross girl. She went missing 22/04/14 Her searcher is now totally committed to not just finding her but also her brother (Apollo) and helps so many more via Help Find Saffron on all social media.

Its a small consolation for the  hurt the missing bring their families and friends

Saffron cat

Apollo is Saffron’s brother. He went missing in the Cotgrove area of Nottingham 26/04/15. He is both neitered and chipped and like his lovely sister Saffron he is a very loved and very missed boy

Apollo poster

Bella is a spayed chipped female tabby who vanished in the Stourport  area of   North Worcestershire 09/04/16

She  was last seen near Worcester road and is a very loved and missed member f family.

She has a large reward for her safe return

Please keep looking and if you think you might have  got her in good faith please just have her chip scanned and get in touch

Bela Cat

Max is a black and white boy who was kept or sold by the person looking after him while his mum moved house.

It was mid September 2016 and he is a very loved and missed boy

Max blue poster

Archie was last seen on Wednesday 31st August 2016 at approx. 11pm at home on the Fox’s Fold estate, Barton-upon-Humber, North Lincolnshire, DN18.  He asked to go out as normal but unusually he wasn’t waiting the next morning to come in, which was when his mum immediately became extremely worried.  Archie is a 12 year old neutered male, he is MICROCHIPPED – any vet will scan free of charge to check identity.  Very, very loved and missed; his mum will never stop searching for him

Archie Cat

Maano has been missing since 18/07/16 from the Eastham area in London. He is both neutered and chipped.

Please keep looking as he is a very missed boy

Maano Cat IAAA

May is missing from the Beckton area since 04/01/17 She is Chipped, spayed and very, very missed

May Londom Cat blue

Beautiful Nuneaton girl Esther vanished from her home 21/02/15. She is chipped and spayed yet still missing.

Not one day has gone by since that day she has not been looked for. Please keep helping to find her

Esther purple

Benji we Thunderclapped when he first went missing 09/04/16 from Coseley. He is a loved missed neutered boy

Benji Cat again

Izzy is a black female cat missing far too long. She is spayed and chipped and vanished 20/05/14 in the Billericay area Essex.

Her Mum still looks  for her and hopes  one day she will come home again


Lunchy (Also Known As Lunchbox) was last seen on Saturday 4th February 2017 in the Berries Avenue, Bude, Cornwall, EX23 area.

Lunchy is microchipped, any vet will scan him free of charge to confirm ownership. He has been neutered and cannot be used for breeding.  If you see a cat that looks like Lunchy please try to take a photo in case he is gone by the time his dad gets there.

Lunchy is very loved and missed and his dad is still desperately searching for him

Image may contain: text

Beautiful Dannee is a semi long haired B&W female chipped spayed cat

Lost since 23/03/17 in the Easton area of Bristol she is very loved and missed

When she went missing she was also wearing a collar with a tag on to. It’s possible she lost that and is now being fed as a stray or been taken in.  She is desperately loved and missed and searched for every day

If you have any information at all please get in touch

Image may contain: one or more people, cat and text

Smokey, a Russian blue male cat disappeared (possibly stolen) from his home on THURSDAY 2nd JUNE 2016, in the Tilbury fields area of Botley, Oxford, OX2.

Smokey is neutered and microchipped but was not wearing a collar when he disappeared.   Smokey is now just over 2 years old and had been with his family since he was an 8 week old kitten.  Smokey is a very friendly cat. Please help find him!  His family are praying he is still alive somewhere. They desperately want to find him and need him home, back where he belongs!  Smokey could be anywhere by now but his family will never stop looking for him.


Two Year Old Timid Indoor Rescue Cat Sydney disappeared Friday 2nd June 2017 from his new home in Sunny Bank, nr Lynfield Mount, off Daisy Hill, Bradford BD9, West Yorkshire, and does not know the area in which he is missing.
Tabby and White Male, NEUTERED & MICROCHIPPED #ScanMe
PLEASE, Check Sheds, Garages, Greenhouses, Outbuildings in case he has taken shelter

If you have you seen this cat, know someone who is looking after him or has taken him in, PLEASE contact his owner

or his rescuer –

Image may contain: cat and text

Xander vanished on 18th JULY 2017 from Eburne Road, Holloway, Islington, London, N7.  He is a skinny little shy creamy coloured male cat who has been NEUTERED and therefore cannot be used for breeding.

He is also MICROCHIPPED #ScanMe and when he disappeared was wearing blue collar with a bell and a silver “Not allowed in the street” tag.  He has allergies that cause him to need vets attention and is now overdue for medication.  Xander could be locked in a shed or hiding in a garden; he also likes climbing so may be on a flat roof or up a tree.

However, there was a sighting of him being picked up by two men from Bennett Court playground in Salterton Road / Axminster Road area, London, N7 so there is concern he may have been stolen.  This has been reported to the police and a Crime Reference Number issued.

PLEASE, look out for Xander both locally and further afield. He is a much loved family member and his family are desperately seaching to get him safely home.

Bristol girl to add

Representing the Dobes, Rotties, Pointers and GSD’d we have done

Angel who we really do owe a lot to as without her we would have been even more useless than we were when Pup was stolen.

Angel was stolen in the Barnsley area on 06/12/12. She is a beautiful German Shorthaired Pointer and she is chipped and very loved.

4 years norma;

Sky is a very missed Rottie girl. She was stolen  02/12/15 Castleford Yorkshire. Sky isn’t just beautiful she is also a chipped & very missed girl who needs to get home!

Like a few owners her Dad now helps so many others. It is small consolation but at least its a small good thing to come from some of the hurt owners have….All need help and owners know that far to well.


Lovely Panda vanished from St Helens area Merseyside 30/01/15 between 11 and 11.30am, from Ravenhead Greenway, St Helens, Merseyside.

She was then 8 years old, a black/tan/white crossbreed who was wearing a red collar when she went missing.

Her family have never stopped looking or hurting over her.

Panda you are another I would walk into the Ether to get if I could

Panda blue hearts

Lovely Frankie GSD another who just vanished.  She is a black and tan female and vanished 06/07/14 from Yeovil Somerset

She is a very loved and missed girl

Frankie gsd LTL

Gentle Steve was stolen in Burbage,  Leicester area on 06/12/13. He is still young. 5 years old now soon to be 6. He is chipped and still so very loved and missed.

Please keep looking for this lovely gentle boy

Poster with frame

We did two for Towzer the first year he was missing. He was only just over 9 months when he vanished from the Kilakee/Rathfarnham area, Dublin, Southern Ireland 13/06/14

He is a black GSD and  his collar was found but it had been cut off…

He really needs help to be found as he could be anywhere now. He is still very issed so please keep looking

Please, Help Me Find My Daddy!

We were asked to do one for this beautiful girl but Sarah did it for her as we were  too close to this 500th. Showing our bias she is still on here lol

She is a beatful Pointer girl that is missing from The Ridgeway between Great Wolford and Toddenham, Shipston on Stour, CV36 since 07/07/17

She needs people to help her get sightings and home

Kia another beautiful GSD vanished 22/01/14  Kia will now be a 8 year old. She is a  short haired GSD.

She vanished from the Widnes area WA8  Has anyone seen her since?


Gentle Jaxon the brown Doberman completely vanished 20/05/16  in the Ravenshead area Nottingham NG14.

Like too many he is a lovely gentle boy and it makes you wonder is that why he was kept by someone! He is a chipped and very missed boy

Jaxon grey multi

Beautiful Roxy a black and tan GSD girl completely vanished 12/02/13

She was in the Denham Country Park, Denham, Uxbridge, UB9 5PG area and despite being chipped she remains missing.

She also remains very missed. Its time she came home!


Millie is a big soppy baby. She completely disappeared  14/02/15 in the Whiston area Rotherham Yorkshire. She is both chipped and spayed Millie is loved and still very missed and looked for

Millie Rottie poster

We recently did these two lovely ones a Thunderclap called “Still loved, Still missed”

They really are. Lost far too long from the Kingdown area Kent. Victor and Tigan we will never stop looking for you

Vanished 24/02/13

Tigan & Victor for TC

Beautiful  Purdey a Liver and white Pointer  and lovely GSD Ottie went missing together. They vanished from fields at home in Startley, Chippenham SN15 on 02/02/14

Their family still have no got either home. Purdey will be 11 this year so for her time is slowly running out.

Please don’t forget them both

Purdey poster

Ottie poster

Lovely Chaos we have done a couple of times. He is a very missed and loved German Wirehaired Pointer chipped male.

He completely vanished 08/11/15 after someone let off a  late firework in daylight causing him to panic and jump the gate and run. He went from Leigh Mendip area near Frome BA3

Please never forget he is  out there

Chaos poster

Chaser the GSD male is another who just vanished 28/05/15 in the Bilton Grange area of Hull HU9

He is very loved and missed so please keep looking

Chaser gsd poster

Jasper is a young male brown Doberman.  He was stolen and sold on 27/01/16 in Hermitage nr Newbury Berkshire

He is chipped and docked and very loved and missed

Jasper Dobe

Beautiful gentle Duke GSD boy.   He is a very loved and missed boy who vanished 12/08/16 in the Gotts Park Armley area of  Leeds

Please keep looking for this lovely boy


Nina is another lovely girl who is Ex Rescue and sadly had just found her  real home when a gate to the garden was left open on 16/10/15 at her home in Winterbourne Earls, Salisbury Wiltshire.

Her family have never stopped hoping and searching since. Come home soon beautiful girl

Nina Focus

Representing ALL the Chi’s , Poms, laps etc  and Their crosses 

Harlow was only 5 months old when she vanished. She will now be just over 2.

She was taken 25/05/15 from Gralowen, Pontypridd area of Wales. She remains very loved and missed and really needs to be found

Harlow yellow

Misty is another very loved and missed girl.

She is a black and white girl who just totally vanished 18/10/15 in the Powys area of Wales.

She is chipped and very very missed

Misty Chi purple poster

For little black and tan Princess’s family life changed completely 07/05/16.

She is chipped, very missed and vanished totally in the Birthley area and is looked for every single day

Princess Kass

We have done a couple for this very missed girl

Phoebe has been gone so long now.  She vanished 25/09/12 in the Hillingdon area of Middlesex UB10

She is chipped and looked for every day


Bella was almost certainly picked up and taken fast in the Crayford area of Kent 12/08/15

When she escaped her people were right behind her. She went down an alley and when they ran into the top end she had gone

She still has not bee seen. Chipped and very missed she needs your help to be found

Bella Pom 2 poster the right one!!!

Bentley was stolen in Newquay Cornwall on 27/06/17.

He was taken out of his familes car. They were only a few feet away and only away from the car for 2 mins…. Nobody saw anyone near the car or carring him.

They did see the car parked next to then race out as fast as it could…

Its a Silver J reg people carrier and they need eliminating OR finding…

Bently's own

Little Reggie vanished on 13/05/17  at 7.30 pm in Valley View Cwmtillery. Blaenau Gwent area

He was wearing a collar and a yellow harness and he really did just disappear.

He was on holiday at the time and  lives in Plymouth so he didn’t know that area

He needs your help to be found

Reggie Chi DL

Little Rolo is a tan and white chipped  Chihuahua Cross  who vanished from his own garden on 13/12/14 in the Charlton area of London SE7

He is a very loved and missed boy who really does need some help to be found after so long.  Please, help little Rolo and his family, keep looking out for him

3 pictures

Mich went missing on 01/01/17 in the Wigan area, He is a male Shih Tzu

He is chipped and very, very missed as well as being chipped

Please keep looking for this lovely boy

Mich Shitz



Representing ALL of the Scottish Missing we have done 

Beautiful cross breed Amy has been missing to long. She vanished 08/05/14 in the Motherwell area of Scotland.

Amy is still loved and looked for every day

Amy 3 yrs to

Honestly feel like I know these four lovely babies.

They are all Rescued and were sold by their adopter… Their Mum has worked endlessly and tirelessly to get them found and home. Not one day has gone by she hasn’t done everything she can to find them.

Little Ora was sold in September 2013 and Rufus, Luna and Pia in October 2013. They were in Glasgow but may have bee sold in Edinburgh.

They are all 4 chipped and extremely loved and missed

As with so many others Anne tries to help so many other owners to


Gen is a female white miniature Poodle who vanished completely 17/12/12 in the Kelvindale, Anniesland area of  Glasgow

Gem Scotland poster

Little Moogles has still not been found.

She disappeared in the Edinburgh area 19/11/13.  Please keep looking


Aura is a very missed Seal Point Siamese female. She  is an indoor cat who accidentally got out 10/06/17 in the Knightswood area of Glasgow G13 10/06/17

She is chipped and spayed girl who really is loved and needed home


Aura light purple

Logan is a male German Spitz Mittel. He vanished 11/10/13 in the Bishopbriggs area of Glasgow

He is a very loved boy and his family will never stop looking

We have put in 2 Thunderclaps for him but sadly he remains missing

Logan mine blue

This lovely lad  is another who just vanished. He has been gone since 01/09/15

He is a black cocker boy with a white front and he was in the Invermark area Brechin Angus DD9

He is chipped and still missed

Brynn Cocker

Lovely Bragi is an 8 year old Elkhound who went missing from his home near Kilmarnock, Scotland on the 22/6/14.  His family are devastated and just want him home

He is tattooed yet still nobody has seen him!

Bragi your a special boy and we really feel for your family


Litle Jeff was out with his family having fun on 25/12/14 and he just vanished.

Soon after he was seen with people so he had been stolen

He was in the Newbattle Woods around the Dalkeith area of Mid Lothian  and he has been looked for every day since he went missing

His family also now help so many other Scottish missing babies. Its the only good that comes out of the hurt

Jeff on beach poster

Harley we have done 2 Thunderclaps for yet despite being very large and chipped she still has no sightings.

She went missing on 13/05/17 in the Cumbernauld Fields , Kildrum in Cumbernauld area of North Lanarkshire, Scotland. 

She is just about a year old and is very loved and missed

Harley Great Dane focus poster

We talked to Sally’s Mum after being shared a dog like Pup that could also have been Sally.

We promised her mum that we would remind folk Sally had still not come home.

She vanished (probably stolen)  between Edzell and Fettercairn in Angus area on 25/12/12

There has not been any sightings of this loved girl since Her family (like us actually) will only do whats right for Sally so if you bourght her in good faith and she is happy please just say

Sally Scotland Poster 1

Ringo went missing in the Newton Mearns area near Glasgow.  G77

He is a very missed boy who is very loved by his family and he really needs sightings and help to get home

Ringo Scotland

For lovely Ralf time is running out.

He will now be a old boy and his family would just like to know he is safe and happy. He had a  full tail when he vanished and he is chipped.

He went from Bridgehouse near Westfield Bathgate, West Lothian, EH48 on 01/01/08

Ralf poster 4 real (Medium)

Lovely Tia vanished in Springburn area of Glasgow 08/04/17

She is a chipped black with white markings on her chest, belly and tip of her feet.  She is spayed

Please help get her home to her devastated family

Tara for TC

Casper is just a lovely boy.

We have done him at least 2 Thunderclaps and each time we just hoped it would help bring news.

He is a male Australian Shepherd Blue Merle who went missing in the Elgin area of Scotland IV30 24/04/16.

He is chipped and has incredibly distinctive eyes.

He may well be with someone fairly local


Bramble is a male Sprocker Spaniel missing from Duns area in the  Scottish Borders since 23/06/15

He is still very missed and his family just want him home


Poppy went missing on 07/02/14 in the Dunsyston Forest Walk, next to Roughrigg Reservoir, near Salsburgh  area North Lanarkshire, ML7,

She is a Lurcher, but resembles a small greyhound. she  is charcoal grey in colour with a greying muzzle and has a white tip on her tail. She was approximately 7/8 years of age when she disappeared

For this lovely girl time is slowly running out due to her age.

She is chipped spayed and her 2 front dew claws have been removed. She is very loved and missed


This lovely boy is an  unusual white coloured Lurcher with very distinctive markings male Lurcher. He is chipped and almost certainly he is stolen.

He vanished  outside Kinross on the B920 road that runs between  Lochgelly & Leslie  in Scotland KY14

He is very loved and missed and has a large reward.

He now could be anywhere at all so please if you have any info get in touch

Scotish Lurcher

Pippilotta is a Female Crossbreed Tri coloured and about the size of a small collie  and looks like a GSD cross

She vanished from Golf Course Rigside, Lanarkshire area ML11

She is a very missed girl


Representing the Beagles, Foxhounds, Sighthounds and their crosses we have done

Hansum is a ginger and white beagle/spaniel cross who has been missing from Giants Grave Briton Ferry Neath area of  Wales since 31/05/2014.

He chipped and was wearing a collar when he disappeared whilst on a walk with his owner Julie Evans and his brother Harry.

His Mum searches for him every day and he is a very loved boy.

Please keep helping him get home

Hansum DTA

Lovely black whippet Suzie went missing on 29/10/15 from Raven Hill Northern Ireland BT6. She has a possible sighting in York Gate on  06/01/16.

She is spayed and has a white line on her chest. She is also very loved and missed so please has anyone seen her?

If you think you have please get in touch with her  family.

Suzie whippet poster (Medium)

Charlie Beagle vanished on a walk in the Dudley Port area on 08/10/16

He is a chipped very loved boy who was only young when he vanished

Charlie Beagle

Pony is a male dark brindle greyhound with a white bib.

He was lost on the fells near the Cairn near Blea Crag in the Maiden Moor/High Spy area above Borrowdale near Keswick on Wednesday 22/0715.  

He is neutered, chipped and tattooed. He has a large scar on his right hind quarters.  He loves people and food !  

Pony is very loved and missed …


Jake is a beautiful Tri coloured Beagle who vanished 27/12/14 near  Berkswell Greenway near Berkswell train station , CV7 27/12/14.

He is a hipped boy who has not been scanned. His family gave a quote and it said “There is a hole in our lives only he can fill”

Please keep looking for this missed boy


Jazzer is a ex Rescue boy who escaped from his new home  04/04/14 in the Penryn Falmouth area of Cornwall.

His family still hope t get him home or even just know he is safe and being loved

Please help that hope come true

Jazzer poster

Beautiful Bonnie Neagle we have Thunderclapped a few times since she vanished in Highertown Truro Cornwall 29/07/15

She is technacally Tri coloured but its only a small patch o black on her back, she has slightly off centre flash of white between her eyes and is chipped. She was wearing a yellow collar when she went missing.

Please keep looking as she is very missed

Truro Beagle poster

Topesy went missing on 24/11/14. She vanished from home in the Tresarrett, Blisland area, Bodmin Moor  Cornwall,

Since then there has been no confirmed sightings anywhere.

She is a beautiful  blue girl  with four white paws, white tip to her tail, white chest and belly with white stipe down her face and muzzle. She also has a small triangular patch of white on the back of her neck.

She is chipped and very loved and missed

Topsey new

Jaxon Beagle really has just disappeared. He is a chipped Tri coloured Beagle who vanished 23/06/17 in the Manhay area near Helston Cornwall.

Its likely he was taken and his family are desperate to get their boy home

Jaxon Beagle poster 1

Lovely Ex Rescue Woody is stolen from the Leighton Buzzard area 19/03/17

.He is a white and tan male Lurcher who is chipped and very missed

Woody Lurcher DL

Beautiful Fin went missing 04/01/16 from Shearston, between Taunton and Bridgwater Somerset. TA7.

He is a young adult Lurcher cross Beagle who is a tan colour with white under his chin, down his chest and a small bit on each foot. He also has a ring of black round the top of his tail.

Fin crossbreed 2

Daisie Mea has been a worry from the day she vanished to now..

She ran off after a scent in a copse area of Demelza near Roche back on 16/01/16.

Her sister came home peppered in shot But Daisie wasn’t with her.

Both dogs had tracking collars on but sadly Daisie’s collar was found laid on the ground.  She was no where near it.

She is chipped and she is missed. We do keep looking to as someone may have taken her to

Daisy beagle

Representing ALL the Collies and their crosses :

Lovely Jade…. Jade has another thing to thank for if your a Cornish owner to.  We started tweeting her  in 2015. Her Mia, Bracken and Penny. But in 2016 we thought just may be we should ring and see if she had actually been found.  Sadly she hadn’t but it was the start of #CornwallsMissing  as we realised if she hadn’t maybe there were a lot more.

Jade is now 13 and when she was 15 months old she was taken and sold from Ladock nr Truro Cornwall. It was 11/11/05 and still she has not been found.

If we could just get her home  or news of her …

Jade 4 get me not

Max is a black and white chipped lad that was stolen from his home on 07/12/15 in Llansoy Monmouthshire Wales.

He is still looked for and a very missed boy.

Max Collie 1 year

Mia vanished 18/11/08 in the Wadgbridge area of Cornwall. She is a chipped brown merle collie cross

She  really did just vanished like far too many others.

Her Mum still hopes for news

Mia collie TRO poster

Lovely Doug  disappeared from his home off Fiddlers Lane, Saughall, Chester, CH1 area, North West on Monday, 04/0416.

Doug was 14 months old when he vanished and is neutered and microchipped.

Please keep  looking for Doug who is very loved and missed


Frank is a Male Collie Cross Black And White (youndster who disappeared from Langport Somerset, TA10 area, on Monday, 29th February 2016.

Very loved and missed and still being searched for.

Frank Collie poster

Buzz was stolen from his home in Lapford, EX17, Devon on 26th January 2017 with no sightings at all.   He is very loved and missed and his family are still searching for him.


These two lovely babies went missing from home on the 12/12/13….Since then there have been no sightings and no news.

They are both very much loved members of family so please help them to be found



Scot and Sally

Sky vanished from the Liskeard area of Cornwall so long ago 16/02/11! It really is too long

Her Mum thinks she was taken as she was at home in a dead end lane area. She popped in to answer the phone  came out and this beautiful girl was gone.

There had been a car near by earlier to.

She is now getting old and time really is running out for her.

Sky please be found soon baby

Sky Road



Representing ALL Labrador’s, Retrievers and their crosses :

Beautiful Joshua was last seen at  8am on 20th Dec 2012 from his garden in Marden, Kent. TN12. Since that day his family have  never stopped looking and worrying about him.

Please everyone keep an eye out for him as though he was stolen from Kent he really could now be any where now.   Joshua is microchipped and all he needs is a chip scan to bring him back to his devastated family.

Have you seen this dog

Gentle Bonnie is missing since the 29th July, chasing rabbits! She is spayed and is wearing a red buckle collar but no ID tag. She is missing from Wasperton, near Warwick CV35

You folks helped her go out last week with 335


Bonnie Lab together

Wren vanished on Thursday 3rd December 2015 from the A6 at Fourgates, Westhougton, BL5, North West.  She is a female black labrador, has a black spot on her tongue and is microchipped.

There was a sighting of a lady in a red car trying to catch her.  Were you this lady?  Did you catch her?  Did you see this car?

Wren is very loved and missed and still being searched for.

Wren poster

Gentle Buster I just wish you were home

Buster a yellow labrador was 11yrs old when he disappeared on 14/06/15 in Appleby Magna, Leics DE12
Buster is chipped. He has a lumpy/cauliflower looking left ear and also a lump on right side of ribs.

He is very very loved and missed


Amy is now getting older…

She was taken in Winchester area 29/11/13 and sold in Andover early 2014

Since then not one sighting of this lovely griel.

Please help her be found.

Chipped & tattooed…

£ yer too 2

Robbie and Barney are Labradoodle males. Both chipped

They vanished together from  from Eastleigh, SO52  on Thursday, 28th November 2013 and have not been seen since.  When they disappeared Barney had a pale blue collar with contact details and Robbie had a dark collar with bones and paw prints on it.  Both boyss are  very loved and missed and still being searched for.

Ladadodils 2

Lovely Penny went missing in the Darlington area 22/05/14.

She is a gentle Golden Retriever who is still loved and missed

Please keep looking


Lilah we Thunderclapped when she first went missing. She is another lovely Rescue girl who was on her way to her forever home when she managed to escape from the car at the services at Hilton Park on M6 28/11/15.

Every day since then she has been looked for and missed.  Please never stop looking and hoping for this lovely girl


Gentle Rosie is a black Labrador who is also an assist dog to a  young boy.  Her vanishing has hurt him and his family so much.

She went on 04/02/16 in the  Trearddur Bay area Anglesey Wales.

We Thunderclapped her soon after she first went missing and we so wish she was already home


Ted went missing from his home in Huish Episcopi/ Langport, Somerset, TA10, on 13/09/16.

Any information will be greatly appreciated and a massive help. If you think you may have seen him, please try to take a picture of him and contact his family asap.

They will keep posting and looking for Ted until he is returned home, please keep sharing – it really does mean the world to his family.

Ted Lab DL

Alfie Black is the one who made us realise the long term missing need help long before Pup joined that list..

He vanished from Covent Gardens in London 14/07/11

He is chipped and still loved and looked for

Alfie Grey poster

Trixie went missing 26/01/14 from Halewood, Knowsley,  Liverpool L26.  She became a long term missing baby but should already be home.

Has anyone seen her?  Been offered her?  Know where she is?

Please help this very loved family member get back to her real home.

Trixie lab

Sooty is a female labrador went missing on the 16th February 2015 on a walk in Lyme Regis, Devon DT7.

She is microchipped and was wearing a red collar with a tag. Sooty has a small grey scar on her right cheek. She also has only one lower front canine tooth. Slight scaring around eyes and scaring on underside of ears – obvious only from touch and not visible. Nervous of strangers, usually just barks a lot at them. She loves Cheddar cheese and crisps and understands the word ‘treat’ so may come if offered a ‘treat’.

Sotty is very loved and missed and still being searched for.  There is a reward offered for her return.  .

Devon Sooty

MAX is a Male, Black, Labrador who went missing from Charles Lane, Haslingden BB4 area on Friday 23rd May 2014.  Max was two years old when he disappeared and is microhipped.

Max was on a walk when he was spooked by thunder and bolted. He was wearing a black collar with bones / paws on when he went missing. His right ear sticks out slightly.

Very loved and missed by his family there is a REWARD for Max’s SAFE return and he is still being searched for.

Max lab claires


Husky’s of all types, wolfdogs and their crosses

This beautiful boy went missing back on 15/08/12. He is a very loved and missed grey and white Northern Inuit Dog.

He went missing out on a walk on Salisbury Plains, Wiltshire but now really could be anywhere.

Teddy would now be 5 years old; he is microchipped so please if you think you have him take him for a scan and do the right thing.

His owner is still looking and misses him so much …

Teddy B&W

Beautiful Alaskan Malamute Vinnie is still missing and has been since 13th March 2014.  He vanished from Wharf Lane, Sheepway, Portishead, BS20, South West and was last believed to have been in the Henbury area of Bristol but has since been sold on so could be anywhere by now.   He is microcrochipped and neutered and very loved and missed.  His family are still searching and hope that he is still alive and happy and that one day he will be scanned and reunited with them. 

If Vinnie is seen please ring police 101 with CRN: 68042/14


This lovely girl was last seen by her owner 14/02/16 in the Blaydon Burn, Blaydon on Tyne Newcastle/Gateshead area.

Zeana is a chipped  Czechoslovakian Wolfdog baby who may possibly be living feral OR may have been picked up and kept by someone.

Have you seen a dog who could be her?
Did you get one  after 14/02/16 who could be her?

She is very loved and missed by her family. She has a large reward and please if you can help in any way get in touch


Faolan went missing 16/12/13 in the Coalville area of Leicestershire. He is a grey wolf colour and is a GSD cross Wolfdog

He has no sightings since he went There has always been a chance he was actually found and taken by someone.

He is chipped and is still being looked for so please if you have any info that can help in any way get in touch.

Not knowing is always so hard for the people who care


Foalan Chops

Lovely Coco we done a few times now. Each time hoping it would bring news….

He vanished from the Stables at Peakes End, Steppingley, MK45, Bedfordshire on Sunday 17th January 2016 at approximately 11am.  His family have had no confirmed sightings since his disappearance.

He is truly missed by all this family and they just want their boy home were he belongs.
A REWARD is offered for his safe return or any information that leads to his return.


Its not just Dogs and Cats :

This lovely boy is very very missed. He was stolen

Louis is a chipped male white Llama who was taken from a field overnight on 05/11/13 behind the  Lion Hotel, Llandinam, Powys, Wales SY17.  Not one day since has passed when he hasn’t been missed.


Its four years soon and its already to long….

Any info at all please get in touch

Louis stolen to long

Sam is a tame sheep who is part of the family.

She is a Suffolk Mule type. She has  tags in both ears and the number  is reported.

She was taken over night from her field  on the 27/28th November 2015. The fence was  broken and trampled down but thankfully the rest of the flock were not taken.

Have you seen her?
Did you see anyone  lurking near her field?
Please help us find her …

Sam Sheep poster

This lovely boy  was lost from his home 10/10/16 in Sarn, ST Bride’s Minor, Bridgend  area 10/10/16

His family are trying so hard to find him. His  friend is also pining and really missing him.

Please if you know anything at all get in touch.

Presley bparrit blue

British miniature pony Sam was stolen on 28th January, 2015, from a field in Bradgate Lane, Cropston, nr Loughborough in Leicestershire.  He is 15 years old, 34-35 inches tall, he has a very distinctive walk due to suffering from cronic lami. He was last wearing a green rug with grey straps with baler string as a fillet string.

Sam’s family still live in hope that they will find him even though it has now been over two years since he was stolen and live in hope they will find him  Please help Sam’s family get their little man home safe!

The Crime REference Number is 125, officer 4505 is dealing with the case from Leicestershire Police 01162 222222


Alfie is a African Grey Parrot who went missing from home in  Leagrave,Luton  area on 24/12/16.

Has anyone offered you a parrot like him since 24th December?
Have you heard him in that general area in a tree somewhere?

He may have been caught and sold on  or he may be scared and in the local area.

He is a very much loved and missed boy so please help get him found.

Any info please get in touch

Adams Alfie poster

Representing all the Terriers :

Louie is a very, very missed boy.

He is a Neutered, Microchipped, Black And Tan Male Yorkshire Terrier (Age: Adult) who vanished from Kings Norton, Birmingham, B30 area, (Central) on Tuesday, 25th September 2012 when he was 2/3 years old.  He escaped and headed towards Cotteridge, Kings Norton area. He is 2/3 years old.

LATEST POSSIBLE SIGHTINGS Spring Coppice, Haden Hill Park and Codsall Coppice, Valley Road, Coppice Road, Timbertree Crescent, Trejon Road, Cradley Heath, Sandwell B64.

Louie’s family just want their boy home and are still searching.  Has he been sold on via the internet, kept by a finder or rehomed!?  Please, contact his family with any information …


Beautiful old lady Rags is still missing almost 6 years since she disappeared from her home in Raven Hayes Woods, Frankley, West Mids, B32 area, (Central) on Friday, 2nd September 2011.

Rags is microchipped but has never been scanned.  She is very much loved and dearly missed. If you have any info that could help reunite Rags with her mum and mend a broken heart please get in touch…Rags deserves to spend her twilight years with the family she has known and loved her whole life and who are still searching for her …

RAGS MAY BE IN YOUR AREA … Gold With White, Rough Coat Female Terrier Cross (Age: Adult) … Have you bought or rehomed a dog like this?  PLEASE, look out for her …


We have done lovely Ted a few as well. One said simply We miss you Ted…e certainly do but his family are still heart broken there is no news

Don’t forget he is out there

Chipped and very loved male Jack Russell

Ted DL and FB

Zapper we have done a couple for. She is a female miniature Jack Russell who is mainly white but has tri coloured markings.

She vanished in Eltham London SE9 on 07/12/15

She is very missed so please keep looking for her

Zappa Foucus

Lovely Dana we Thunderclapped for her birthday…

She is a very missed mostly white with tan markings Jack Russell who vanished in Langley Slough area 13/06/16.


Chester is searched for every day to.

He vanished from the Swindon area on 24/01/15. He is a chipped white with Tri coloued marling male Jack Russell cross. Please never stop looking for this lovely boy

Chester DTA

Bonnie is a very loved and missed baby missing from Reading services since 11/11/15

She is a female Jack Russell cross and is chipped

Please keep looking

Bonnie jack

Hemp and Tinker were both stolen from home in Potticar Bank. Hovingham. York. Yorkshire on 17/06/14  Hemp and Tinker are two little Terrier crosses.

Hemp is black with a white strip down her chest and tummy.
Full tail and smooth haired.

Tinker is black and white  with a fairly longish wire haired type coat.

Both are  about 10-12″ high.

These are very loved and missed girls with a large reward …. More importantly their Mum is desperate and still totally devastated at their loss and still searching for them.

If you have any news at all please get in touch

Doglost Hemp

Doglost Tinker


This little one is so easy to recognise. She has an undershot jaw.

She is likely to be with someone as she was still young and she just totally vanished in the Bilborough Nottingham area NG8

We are still asking today #WheresMargaret

Margaret ALD

POPPY is a Female Jack Russell Terrier Black & White who disappeared from her home, Llanover, Abergavenny, NP7 area, Wales on Monday, 4th January 2016.  Poppy is very loved and missed and still missing … PLEASE, look out for her …

Welsh Poppy JR

Missing with Poppy as well….

MINNIE, a Female Jack Russell Terrier Cross Black, disappeared from her home, Llanover, Abergavenny, NP7 area, Wales on Monday, 4th January 2016 when still a puppy.  Minnie is mostly black with a small area of white on her chest and microchipped.  She is very loved and missed and her family would just love her to be safely back home.

Welsh Minnie

Much loved family members Daisy (3 years) and her daughter Gemma (2years), disappeared on Friday 29th April 2016 (last seen at lunchtime) from their home in Porkellis, near Helston, Cornwall and are presumed stolen.

These dogs are very loved and missed.   Their family is devastated to be without them and everyone is extremely worried about them and just wants then safely home.

Both dogs are registered with DoglostUK:

Daisy’s Doglost page:

Gemma’s Doglost page:

Image may contain: dog and text

Lexie Chow we will never stop looking for you!!

Vanished Bude area Cornwall 12/05/14 Chipped and spayed but where is she now?

Lexi 3 years pink






More Missing Babies that brought us to  500th :


Max lab

Izzy Paul

Jakey DL

Maddie Terrier new

Molly from Rock

Kass will & grace

Beryl cats

Maisy goat 2

Kass will & grace

Leia spanish girl

Abbey Kass

Jasper Cat

Bella poster 1


Barkey Cocker

Donna Pugsley 1

Maddie Terrier new


Nellie Cocker poster

Rocky BT


Cirrus for poster

Tigger-Milo DL

Donna Staffy Scotland

Ibby multi

Flash &

Sash Rottie

Rio and Sia HA

Donna Shadow

Dakota poster

Sparkey Ireland Cocker


Emer Poster 1

Alaska poster 3

Terrier poster 2 (Medium)

Anica Poster 1 (Medium)

Annie Poster 2

Bolt poster 3

Ebony poster 1


Never doubt how much we thank you for ALL the support you give

Pup’s Family & all the owners that you support xxxxxxx

THank you


This was a huge undertaking. We would never have ven got this many with out June from Help Find Saffrons help. We love you June





#ScanMe, Missing

#FindTopesy missing 24/11/14 Blissland nr Bodmin Cornwall

Blue/grey whipett missing #Cornwall since 24/11/14 Please keep looking for #FindTopesy

Her owner really needs news and her homee. Time does not ease the pain
#FindTopesy missing 24/11/14 Cornwall

Lost 24/11/14 #Blissland near #Bodmin #Cornwall Blue/grey whippit Have you seen her? #FindTopesy

What happened to her? Who has her now? Missing 24/11/14 #FindTopesy #Cornwall but where is she now? Chipped & loved


Blue whippet missing 24/11/14 #Bodmin area #Cornwall. Help her see the sunset over her home again #FindTopesy

Her family love her. They will never stop looking, worrying or hurting. Please help #FindTopesy 24/11/14 Cornwall
Dogs don’t disappear…They don’t vanish….So where is this beautiful girl???
Topesy 24/11/14 #Bodmin #Cornwall

We care @FindTopesy None of us will stop looking for your baby
#FindTopesy 24/11/14 Cornwall but now ??


#Cornwall’s #Missing
Topesy #Bodmin 24/11/14 Chipped loved and missed #FindTopesy

If you are driving round Bodmin Moors, If your on holiday in #Cornwall Keep eye out for #FindTopesy who maybe local
No long term missing is ever foiund in #Cornwall Lets show one can be #FindTopesy 24/11/14 very loved & is chipped

Topesy needs to come home!! Did you or someone you know take her in? Please check her chip #FindTopesy


100’s of posters, 100’s of searches Huge social media coverage yet Topesy is still missing Help #FindTopesy

Where are you lovely Topesy? We saw you went missing 24/11/14 Cornwall We wont stop till we #FindTopesy
Topesy your special…Folk will never stop looking for you & nor will we
24/11/14 #Cornwall Very loved & missed
SOMEONE KNOWS where #FindTopesy is missing Nov14 Blisland Cornwall
Help get her home

#FindTopesy can’t just VANISH Blisland #Cornwall please send her home Missing 24/11/14

Look at her face, her markings and never stop looking for #FindTopesy #Cornwall


No long term missing in #Cornwall is ever found. Lets chenge it for #FindTopesy 24/11/14 Blissland Bodmin


NEED HELP to #FindTopesy Whippet stolen Blisland Cornwall She went missing 24/11/14 Its too long!!
She is stunning…Is that why they took her?? Help us get Topesy home #FindTopesy 24/11/14 Blissland now ????

Who has you beautiful girl? You been gone since 24/11/14 Please come home #FindTopesy

Forget ‘where for art tho Romeo’ WHERE IS TOPESY??? 24/11/14 #Cornwall
Blue/grey beautiful #Whippet Topesy went missing near #Bodmin on the Moors 24/11/14 Let her come home #FindTopesy
Dog theft hurts!! Topesy weent missing 24/11/14 #Cornwall Help us #FindTopesy & mend a broken heart

Topsey, Topsey, Topesy I would walk into the Ether and get you if I could!!
24/11/14 #Blissland #Cornwall

SEE A BLUE WHIPPET take a pic and send to us it could be #FindTopesy Missing since 24/11/14 Cornwall


Missing 24/11/14 But where is she now??? #FindTopesy can’t just VANISH Blisland Cornwall please send her home
#FindTopesy and Amy did everything together..but Topesy is missing pls help to reunite them Help mend a broken heart

WHO STOLE #FindTopesy #Bodmin #Cornwall she is desperately missed and needed home Taken 24/11/14 now where is she??

HEARTBROKEN Amy STILL SEARCHING FOR HER BELOVED #FindTopesy 💔🐶 pls help Very loved and missed chipped baby
Topesy never returned home so where is she? Pls help #FindTopesy 24/11/14 Cornwall now anywhere…

NEVER FORGET BEAUTIFUL whippet who disappeared Cornwall Nov14 😢 pls #FindTopesy

Owner is heartbroken that #FindTopesy is still missing 😔 Cornwall
Have you seen her? Did you take in? Please help
Topesy so many will keep looking…We WILL #FindTopesy together. Never stop till she is home
They can’t vanish…Yet Topesy did!! 24/11/14 Cornwall Possibly picked up by a holiday maker thinking she a stray?
The tears don’t stop, Time wont heal the hurt of a missing family member #FindTopesy 24/11/14
HAVE YOU SEEN A WHIPPET LIKE #FindTopesy pls take a pic and send to
@FindTopesy missing 24/11/14 Look everywhere
SEE A BLUE WHIPPET take a pic and send to us it could be #FindTopesy Beautiful girl we will find you!!
Before #FindTopesy was Stolen she went everywhere with her family.. let’s reunite them Help get this baby home
I pledge to never stop looking for you Topesy. Your out there somewhere & we will #FindTopesy

Where is #FindTopesy missing from Cornwall 24/11/14

Please keep looking for #FindTopesy missing from Cornwall 24/11/14
Time does not heal when your best friend is missing #FindTopesy missing from Cornwall 24/11/14


Topesy could be living near you help get her home #FindTopesy missing from Cornwall 24/11/14


Topesy just needs her chip to be scanned #ScanMe #FindTopesy missing from Cornwall 24/11/14


Please RT & look out for #FindTopesy missing from Cornwall 24/11/14

Help end the heartache #FindTopesy missing from Cornwall 24/11/14

Please help #FindTopesy missing from Cornwall 24/11/14 RT & keep an eye out for her

#FindTopesy missing from Cornwall 24/11/14 have you seen this beautiful girl?

Owners nightmare will only end when #FindTopesy missing from Cornwall 24/11/14 is home


Beautiful #whippett Topesy is out there somewhere. Missing 24/11/14 #Cornwall. Where is she now? #FindTopesy




Missed more every day that goes by without #FindTopesy missing from Cornwall 24/11/14



Have you seen #FindTopesy missing from Cornwall 24/11/14
Please look out for Topsey this weekend #FindTopesy missing from Cornwall 24/11/14


Missing far too long #ScanMe #FindTopesy missing from Cornwall 24/11/14


#FindTopesy missing from Cornwall 24/11/14 but where is she now? Pls RT


Did you take in or buy a dog like this? #FindTopesy missing from Cornwall 24/11/14



STILL MISSING – 2 of the the saddest words #FindTopesy missing from Cornwall 24/11/14


Owner will never give up searching #FindTopesy missing from Cornwall 24/11/14


What happened to #FindTopesy missing from Cornwall 24/11/14 do you know?


Please help reunited #FindTopesy missing from Cornwall 24/11/14 with her owner


Still searching for #FindTopesy missing from Cornwall 24/11/14 please RT



#whippett Topesy is out there somewhere. Missing 24/11/14 #Cornwall. Where is she now? #FindTopesy Help her home
She went everywhere with her Mum now her Mum is lost in the pain a missing family member brings Help #FindTopesy
Topesy is love, she is chipped …. she is also missing!! 24/11/14 #Cornwall Help her Mum feel whole #FindTopesy

So where is she?? Does anyone know? Missing far too long #FindTopesy Cornwall 24/11/14 & very missed

We will help you get home Topesy. Share and Tweet for @FindTopesy to help mend a broken heart #FindTopsey

She hasn’t been found, she will be!! If we all look hard enough she must be out there #FindTopesy 24/11/14 Cornwall



She still missig!! Her markings are quite distinctive. Please look everywhere Missing Cornwall 24/11/14 ‘FindTopesy

Come on Tops show your self!! Escape and be scanned #ScanMe
#FindTopesy 24/11/14 #Cornwall

Help get this lovely baby back to her Mum #FindTopesy missing since 24/11/14 #Cornwall
Amy needs her naby home. When they steal a family member they steal a bit of you #FindTopesy
Look into your dogs eyes, give then hug now think what its like to lose them& not know what happened #FindTopesy
No long term missing is ever found in #Cornwall Help change that and #FindTopesy missing 24/11/14
She is out there .. Her Mum is so lost without her Please never stop looking for lovely Topesy

You worry so much when they are gone You know nothing & think the worst. End Amy’s nightmare #FindTopesy
Who has her? Is she warm? Is she happy These are some of the things owners worry about
We can not stop trying to find her…She is very loved & missed 24/11/14 #FindTopesy

She needs your help!! She is so very missing Help to #FindTopesy missing 24/11/14 #Cornwall
Once her and Amy were always together Now they are far apart. Help mend a broken heart & #FindTopesy


Its a long tome now. So much pain for her Mum, so much worry


She should be home already but someone took her…Does anyone know where she is now? #FindTopesy



We need all of you to look at her and then at any blue whippet..If it could be Topesy plez pic for @FindTopesy




Missing since 24/11/14 #Cornwall Remembered and loved by her family forever #FindTopesy


She truly is beautiful. She is chipped, she is loved but she isn’t hom #FindTopesy




What happens when the steal your dog? Your life tirns upside down & your heart breaks #FindTopesy




We really do have to look everywhere A holiday maker may have thourght she was a stray #FindTopesy




Too often folk think a dog on the Moors is abandoned and take them home. Tops has a home let her return #FindTopesy




Why isn’t she ever scanned? Its a question we often ask but this is why. #FindTopesy #ScanMe


The loss of a family member is all consuming. It hurts so deeply. End Amy’s nightmare #FindTopesy




Why do folk think ‘finders keepers’ when they see a dog??? By law you must tell the Dog Warden. #FindTopesy




If anyone see’s a dog like her please get a picture & send to @FindTopesy missing 24/11/14




She wasn’t a stray she was walking. Her Mum will never get over her loss. Give her back #FindTopesy




Have you seen this dog? She may be loved now but she has a home & a heartbroken Mum already #FindTopesy




Help Amy smile again. Bring Tops home #FindTopesy missing 24/11/14 #Cornwall




She used to love sitting with her Mum at sunset Help her do it again #FindTopesy




You worry so much when they are missing. Tears fall too often. Help end Amy’s pain #FindTopesy


Help them get back together. Nobody deserves the hurt of a lost family member #FindTopesy




The sun sets on another day for #FindTopesy Please let the nightmare end




Topesy please escape, be scanned and be home baby