Missing, Pup

Please don’t Forget the Long Term Missing

The long term missing need huge help!!

Too often they get shared and remembered for a few weeks when they first go missing  then all too often they get forgotten.  Owners work really hard to keep their own baby out there and helped with shares, tweets and being remembered ….When they don’t or can’t the missing disappear off the public radar.

Some regional sites don’t have the long term missing from their areas on them.  We  did some research. In one area alone far too many of the listed  will now never be found as they are far too old to still be out there.  Far too many slid into shadows till death means they can never be got home.

A handful were looked for,  loved and missed  too long and can no longer be alive. This Collie will forever live in my heart as one we failed to find but really did look for.  He had a few folks still trying for him. One by one we stopped as his age became very old. I gave him his last big share a few months ago as he would be almost 20 now how can you keep asking? I just wish I had been asking from 2005 when he went missing not 2013 when I learned just how  bad it is to lose a member of family and not know what happened, are they alive etc every single day since. I know his family felt his loss and tried so hard.


You took tears from strangers across the Bridge lovely William xxx

There are at least 20 more from the same region now very, very old or too long gone to ever be found. We did think about widening our research but its heartbreaking if one of your own is also deeply lost and   likely to never be found so I only did one  County. At least its where I am so I can l keep banging on and on about the rest before it becomes too late one by one for them to.

Because they have been gone so long they need HUGE help to be found. Yet with each passing month they slip further and further into shadow and get more and more forgotten yet NEVER by their families!

Families need closure and listed as missing but  never any news really doesn’t bring an end to the hurting, wondering or worry.

There are 100’s and 100’s  out there. If each of us remembered just 6 each then think how many could get better known and get real help by folk looking….

Please everyone remember the long term missing.























3 years to long.jpg


For some of the above the clock really is ticking….I know their ages.

Please help while we still can find them


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